The Creativity Aspect of Video Games? A Question of Genre

This post will provide an overview of Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer’s idea of the ‘Culture Industry’, before going onto to argue that video games may not wholly fit this term’s description, despite being part of modern-day consumer culture. The ‘Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception’ is a chapter in a book called Dialectic ofContinue reading “The Creativity Aspect of Video Games? A Question of Genre”

Is Instagram a simulation of reality?

By Claudia Carter The focus of this piece is to examine and investigate how Jean Baudrillard’s work help us reimagine/rethink the world around us? Baudrillard’s theoretical orientations act to question reality and his concepts suggest that there is nothing, only illusions. He uses Disneyland as his example when discuss simulation because the fantasy it createsContinue reading “Is Instagram a simulation of reality?”

Researching Alternative Worlds: Sam Kinsley’s Algorithmic Imaginary

The official launch event for the Society and Space MSc blog, which also served as a celebration of the 25 years of the course’s existence, took place in Geographical Sciences on Wednesday 27th April. The panel for the event was made up of six Society and Space alumni, who spoke highly of their experience on theContinue reading “Researching Alternative Worlds: Sam Kinsley’s Algorithmic Imaginary”