Sounding the Anthropocene: a trip to Penarth, South Wales

By Austin Read   The notion of the Anthropocene and the relative failure of many conventional evidence-based Western epistemologies to address robustly the issues posed by anthropogenic climate change suggests the need for different stories and imaginations beyond conventional conceptual repertoires. In this post, I map out how a turn to experimental sound-based research methodologiesContinue reading “Sounding the Anthropocene: a trip to Penarth, South Wales”

In Pursuit of Wildness: Maps, sounds and photos

As part of the Experimental methods module, a compulsory module on the Society and Space course, I explored how we could better understand wildness as an affective structure rather than an empirical object for investigation. It also sought to find new ways of telling through the process of journeying. By Emma Manion.

Qualitative research at WOMAD

By Nina Williams WOMAD (World of Music Art and Dance) is a wonderfully eclectic festival, attracting a variety of visitors (including an admittedly large proportion of bare-footed middle class families seeking a weekend of escapism) and an even greater variety of entertainment sourced from around the world. Situated on an idyllic site (which includes anContinue reading “Qualitative research at WOMAD”