Doctoral Study Beyond the MSc

Four of the MSc students from the 2014/2015 cohort – Jethro Brice, Catherine Midwood, Sam Berlin and Ciara Merrick – have remained in the University of Bristol’s School of Geographical Sciences to embark on PhD study. They recently completed the first year of their PhDs and are preparing to progress from being MPhil students toContinue reading “Doctoral Study Beyond the MSc”

The Minute Interventions of Candoco

By Conal Dougan One rewarding aspect of studying on the Society and Space course is seeing how the theories and philosophies we delve into in books and stuffy seminar rooms can come alive in the ‘real world’. This focus can be particularly sharp in Bristol, where everyday experiences invite reflection into everything from urban planningContinue reading “The Minute Interventions of Candoco”