Self-care as a form of resistance

By Emma Manion For my dissertation I have been looking at self-care in a mental health context. Self-care can be used as a technique of governance in which the individual internalizes the desires of neoliberalism or it can be the site of radical resistance from neoliberal subjectivation. I have been exploring this tension in self-care,Continue reading “Self-care as a form of resistance”

Leigh Woods Sound Walk: Researching through Sounding

By Conal Dougan This is the first in a series of blog posts written by the current MSc Society and Space students about their dissertations. In his research project, Conal Dougan explores how places can be researched through sounding as well as the potential of sound walks to reconfigure attention and bodily movement. The site chosenContinue reading “Leigh Woods Sound Walk: Researching through Sounding”

Research impact: participating in and understanding religious change

By Stephanie Denning What does it mean to change the world?  As humans we are constantly changing the world – we build houses and create towns and cities out of countryside, we drive cars that pollute the atmosphere, and bend nature to our will – or at least try to.  To varying degrees geographers areContinue reading “Research impact: participating in and understanding religious change”