“I don’t care if you recycle”: Why we need to rethink environmental responsibilities.

by Emilia Hermelin Introduction Earlier in 2019, climate activist Mary Annaïse Heglar wrote an article in which she stated; “I don’t care if you recycle” (Heglar, 2019). Heglar explains how she, due to being active within the environmental movement, often listen to people ‘confessing’ their environmental ‘sins’ to her – how they still buy productsContinue reading ““I don’t care if you recycle”: Why we need to rethink environmental responsibilities.”

Avalon: A more-than-human place realised

By Katy Robbins This blog post is about how a small town in Somerset, England maintains a connection with local wildlife and landscape and whether through this knowledge and understanding there is the potential to heal the rift between humans and the natural world. Image: View from Glastonbury Tor (photo author’s own). Upon taking aContinue reading “Avalon: A more-than-human place realised”

A Hug in the Mist: ‘belief’, spirits and anti-mining struggles

By Scarlet Hall This blog post is a response to an exchange between people from Colombia and the UK who are seeking to challenge open-cast coal mining corporations. This exchange took place in County Durham and Newcastle on October 13-14th October. Scarlet was heavily involved in the Campaign to Protect Pont Valley for the firstContinue reading “A Hug in the Mist: ‘belief’, spirits and anti-mining struggles”