Screens – Waking a presence in Bristol’s concrete underbelly

By Jethro Brice Screens, by artist Dani Landau, is a pop-up installation which recently featured in a contested public space in Bristol. The work explores themes of urban renewal through the affective, material dimensions of processes of construction and deconstruction. The installation mobilises tensions between the virtual and the actual, and speaks to an interestContinue reading “Screens – Waking a presence in Bristol’s concrete underbelly”

Qualitative research at WOMAD

By Nina Williams WOMAD (World of Music Art and Dance) is a wonderfully eclectic festival, attracting a variety of visitors (including an admittedly large proportion of bare-footed middle class families seeking a weekend of escapism) and an even greater variety of entertainment sourced from around the world. Situated on an idyllic site (which includes anContinue reading “Qualitative research at WOMAD”

Mundane Places: Motorway Service Stations

By Catherine Midwood This piece takes a look at the cultural history of motorway service stations in Britain. My background is in cultural studies – I studied International Media and Communications at the University of Nottingham. I gained an interest in geography by reading about everyday life and mundane places. My undergraduate dissertation was focusedContinue reading “Mundane Places: Motorway Service Stations”