Combining Geography and Rowing – It was going to happen eventually!

This is the third in a series of blog posts written by the current MSc Society and Space students about their dissertations. The two major passions in Ben Moule’s life – geography and rowing – have (finally!) come together in his Masters Dissertation. In his research project, Ben seeks to explore how the sporting body isContinue reading “Combining Geography and Rowing – It was going to happen eventually!”

Chalk Art-ing as Temporary Urbanism: Materiality and ‘Becoming-Art’

By Catherine Midwood An encounter with chalk art in the urban everyday environment is a temporary flash of colour underfoot; an unexpected encounter with a creation that emerged in the interaction between a variety of collaborating bodies (the pavement, the chalk dust, the hands that guided it, the shoes that smudged it, the rain orContinue reading “Chalk Art-ing as Temporary Urbanism: Materiality and ‘Becoming-Art’”

Exploring the Affective (After)Lives of Digital Archives

By Alistair Anderson, Current MSc Society and Space Student The archive is the quintessential arena of historical research, and for the compulsory ‘Experimental Methods’ unit I interrogated the use of digital archives as fields of affective materials. Specifically, my project focussed on the extinct thylacine (Thylacinus cynacephalus) as a theme around which the materials inContinue reading “Exploring the Affective (After)Lives of Digital Archives”