Movements of conception – capoeira and scholarship

By Lukas Peter At a time when public institutions are under increasing pressures to face up to the insidious legacy of colonialism, I embarked on a simultaneous journey into a Master’s degree and a capoeira education. The city of Bristol, former key node in the Atlantic slave trade and Colonialism of the British Empire, becameContinue reading “Movements of conception – capoeira and scholarship”

Brexit… Trump… What would Spinoza do?

By Harry Bregazzi The MSc Society and Space programme has a strong emphasis on philosophy, which students apply to their analyses and understandings of society and the world. One philosopher who has remained particularly influential for me is Benedict de Spinoza. The following is a reflection, through the framework of Spinoza’s Ethics, on the politicalContinue reading “Brexit… Trump… What would Spinoza do?”

Events – November 2016

Here’s our selection of a few events coming up in November that relate to some of the themes explored on the blog as well as linking to conversations that are happening in contemporary human geography.   The Cabot Institute Annual Lecture: Ideas to change the world on 25th November, 6pm, in the Wills Memorial Building. FreeContinue reading “Events – November 2016”