Doctoral Study Beyond the MSc

Four of the MSc students from the 2014/2015 cohort – Jethro Brice, Catherine Midwood, Sam Berlin and Ciara Merrick – have remained in the University of Bristol’s School of Geographical Sciences to embark on PhD study. They recently completed the first year of their PhDs and are preparing to progress from being MPhil students toContinue reading “Doctoral Study Beyond the MSc”

Framing Wildlife: performative research methods in the art-geography nexus.

By G. Sainsbury Exploring the embodied processes of filming wildlife in the ‘field’, alongside the use of post-production editing techniques, to question the orthodox framing of more-than-human relations in wildlife filmmaking. Author’s videographic stills, 2016. The ‘posthumanist’ and ‘affective’ turns in the social sciences have led to a questioning of representational (words and speech) researchContinue reading “Framing Wildlife: performative research methods in the art-geography nexus.”

Chalk Art-ing as Temporary Urbanism: Materiality and ‘Becoming-Art’

By Catherine Midwood An encounter with chalk art in the urban everyday environment is a temporary flash of colour underfoot; an unexpected encounter with a creation that emerged in the interaction between a variety of collaborating bodies (the pavement, the chalk dust, the hands that guided it, the shoes that smudged it, the rain orContinue reading “Chalk Art-ing as Temporary Urbanism: Materiality and ‘Becoming-Art’”