Framing Wildlife: performative research methods in the art-geography nexus.

By G. Sainsbury Exploring the embodied processes of filming wildlife in the ‘field’, alongside the use of post-production editing techniques, to question the orthodox framing of more-than-human relations in wildlife filmmaking. Author’s videographic stills, 2016. The ‘posthumanist’ and ‘affective’ turns in the social sciences have led to a questioning of representational (words and speech) researchContinue reading “Framing Wildlife: performative research methods in the art-geography nexus.”

Exploring the Biopolitics of ‘One Health’ and Antimicrobial Resistance

By Alistair Anderson This post outlines my dissertation project exploring how the One Health initiative and the problem of antimicrobial resistance can be explored in biopolitical terms. The post outlines the empirical example of One Health and the methods of investigation, and situates the project within more-than-human geography and biopolitics.