Current Students

Hannah Williams

Hannah has recently graduated from her BSc in Geographical Sciences from the University of Bristol. Having explored the role of framing in our conceptual understandings of Climate Change, she is eager to continue her interest in the intersections between society and the environment. In particular, researching conflicted environments with regards to sustainability, conservation and local indigenous people.

Alex Scott

  • Started the Society and Space course as a full-time student in 2019
  • Background: Studied BA Geography at the University of Oxford from 2016-2019
  • Interests: My main area of interest is the intersection of human and environmental geography, in particular environmental politics and representations of the natural world.


Ben GJ Thomas

Ben is a curator, researcher & educator. His work is focussed on how we collectively understand the world around us, imagining other possibilities.
He is interested in the intersections between film & photography, social practice and the city; thinking about the stories we tell, who speaks and who is heard.
Ben organises events & exhibitions, writes and leads workshops.

Based in Bristol & London, UK.

Ben GJ Thomas Portrait

Daniel Tarazona

I am Daniel Tarazona, I am a Colombian historian with emphasis in architecture and urbanism from Los Andes university, Bogota. My research interests are environmental history, urban history and political ecology in Colombia and Latin America.


Ifrah Ahmad

Completed an undergraduate degree in Human Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University, where my interests developed in studying the South-Asian diaspora communities in the UK, ideas of integration vs assimilation, nightlife subcultural studies, and the use of the nightclub as ‘safe spaces’ for the LGBTQ+ community, particularly  POC communities.


jake sell hicks

attempting nondual, queer, antiracist, feminist, and decolonial approaches to:
pluriversal, Indigenous, anarchist, and noneurocentric/nonhierarchical/antihegemonic pedagogies and atypical learning environments and ways of knowing/being; intentional communities, permaculture.
impact of “technology” on the above.



Doing BA geography I became particularly interested in the emerging field of digital geographies, writing my dissertation on the affective proliferation of music recommender systems and how online platforms are reconstituting electronic music subculture. Beyond the Msc I make questionable music à la Warp/Rephlex.

card photo

Reuben Grivell

For my undergraduate course I studied Anthropology & Visual Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London. My past research areas have focused on the ways in which space may be used and negotiated during periods of political protest and within the practice of alternative pedagogical methods. I aim to continue an integrated approach that situates my studies in the context of social cooperatives and autonomous community organisations here in Bristol.

Links to my final project and related visual material are below.

Sophie Rowson
Sophie completed her BA in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield in 2017, and subsequently worked in research administration whilst volunteering for Irise International. Sophie’s geographical interests are wide ranging, but she hopes to use her MSc dissertation to pursue an interest in using experimental methods and non-representational theories to understand lived experiences of menstruation.
Victoria Ridgway
I am a french english full-time student looking to pursue a career in research. I previously studied geography as an undergraduate at Sorbonne Université in Paris. I came to Bristol University to further my knowledge in theory and I am particularly interested in Deleuze’s geophilosophy.

Recent Graduates

Sam Berlin 

  • Completed the MSc in 2015; full time.
  • Background: Undergraduate at SOAS/King’s College London – BA Chinese and Geography (2010). Lived in China from 2010-2014, taught English in Chongqing before working as a translator and editor at a translation company in Shanghai.
  • I have just begun a PhD at the University of Bristol on rural-urban migration and sexuality in China.

Harry Bregazzi

  • Completed the MSc in 2014; full time.
  • What next?: After the MSc I started a PhD here at Bristol. Currently in my 3rd year, I am studying peace and conflict resolution. I hope to conduct fieldwork in South Sudan to investigate the ongoing efforts towards peace.

Ciara Merrick 

  • Completed the MSc in 2015; full time.
  • What next?: I have just started a PhD at the University of Bristol engaging with difference and the affective spaces of peace in post-conflict settings. I will be conducting fieldwork in Belfast in 2017.

Catherine Midwood

  • Completed the MSc in 2015; full time. I am on Twitter: @cjmidwood.
  • What next?: I have just started a PhD at the University of Bristol using an embodied approach to theorize about temporary interventions in urban spaces.

Stephanie Denning

  • Completed the MSc in 2014; full time.
  • Now in the third of my PhD my research focuses on an affective approach to faith-based social action. Using action research and participatory geographies I am running a faith-based social action project responding to food poverty of school children in the school holidays and analysing this through the concept of affect within non-representational theories using Spinoza and Augustine to consider human action and willing.
  • Twitter – @SJ_Denning, page from MSc dissertation dissemination:

Jen Owen

  • Completed the MSc in 2014; full time.
  • After the MSc I went on to do an ESRC funded PhD at Cardiff University of which I am now in my third year.
  • Following on from my MSc dissertation which investigated attics and the objects that reside there, my current research examines the growing phenomenon of self-storage in order to understand in what ways they have been integrated into everyday practices of identity, memory and relationships and the capacity of modern life to fold together different times and spaces.
  • Find me on twitter at @jenjenny11.

Alumni – In Academia

The MSc in Human Geography, Society and Space at Bristol has an extensive and illustrious alumni. Numerous human geographers currently at the leading edge of academic geographical research in the UK and around the world are graduates of our course. Past graduates include:

James Ash (Newcastle, Media Studies)

Julian Brigstocke (Cardiff)

JD Dewsbury (Bristol)

Nathan Eisenstadt (Bristol, History)

Nick Gill (Exeter)

Beth Greenhough (Oxford)

Paul Harrison (Durham)

Agatha Herman (Reading)

Kathrin Horschelmann (Durham)

Owain Jones (Bath Spa, Environmental Humanities)

Sam Kinsley (Exeter)

Jennifer Lea (Exeter)

Jamie Lorimer (Oxford)

Naomi Millner (Bristol)

Mark Paterson (Pittsburgh, Communication)

Jessica Pykett (Birmingham)

Emma Roe (Southampton)

Pepe Romanillos (Exeter)

Paul Simpson (Plymouth)

John Wylie (Exeter)

Alumni – Outside Academia

Ricardo Fuentealba Fuentes (NGO worker based in Santiago)

Jongyoung Nam (journalist based in South Korea)

Stacey Smith (health policy researcher, Mental Health UK)

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