Here are some other pages you may find useful:

Around Bristol:

The Bristol Bike Project – Get a refurbished bike!

Know Your Place – An interactive historical map of Bristol run by Bristol City Council

The Mapping LGBT+ Bristol Project – an initiative of OutStories Bristol in conjunction with the University of Bristol


Geography & Social Science links:

Antipode Foundation – The legendary journal of radical geography

Arts and Humanities Research Council – Fund your research (and perhaps a PhD!)

Association of American Geographers – The largest professional body for geographers in the United States

Economic and Social Research Council – An important source of research funding for Human Geography

Political Ecology Working Group – Interdisciplinary group of scholars in the US and UK working on issues related to political ecology

Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers – The UK’s largest professional body for geographers, which organises conferences, research funding and public engagement events, and puts out a number of important journals


More by us around the web:

Authority Research Network – Dr Naomi Millner’s active research network featuring some of her current writing

Beastly Histories – A project documenting more-than-human histories run by Dr Merle Patchett (Geography) and Dr Andy Flack (History)

Experimental Geography in Practice – Blog outlining some of Dr Merle Patchett’s research into experimental and artistic methods in geographical research

Jethro Brice – Environmental art by a former MSc/current PhD student

yes i said rhizome – Blog of current Human Geography PhD student Freya Johnson


Other sites we like:

Cartographies of the Absolute – Blog accompanying the book by Alberto Toscano and Jeff Kinkle working to map capital and capitalism

City Breaths – Mark Minkjan blogs on urban geography the cultural geography of cities

Follow the Things – Telling the stories behind many of our favourite consumer goods. Run by Ian Cook at the University of Exeter

Geographical Imaginations – Derek Gregory’s blog on the geographies of war, peace, and security

Global Social Theory – A resource for students hoping to go beyond Eurocentric social theory. Run by Gurminder K Bhambra, Lucy Mayblin, Lisa Tilley, and Angela Last

Monoskop – A wiki-format collection of resources on the arts, media, and humanities

Progressive Geographies – Stuart Elden’s blog about philosophy, politics, and geography

Sociology@Warwick – Blog of the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick

The Thesis Whisperer – A resource for postgraduate students looking to improve their academic writing


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