Course Info

Download our information booklet here: UoB S&S A5 Booklet WEB.

Human geography is a dynamic discipline with profound influence on current debates in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Human geographers focus on the critical study of the relationships between space and society, in particular the interconnection between environment, place and identity, knowledge, globalization processes, social justice, and a variety of other themes of crucial relevance in our contemporary world.

This programme is world-leading in the field. It provides you with a rigorous grounding in social theory and mainstream debates and techniques in human geography. It also offers a thorough training in qualitative and quantitative methods.

The programme equips you for careers in high-level public research, business and the creative industries, and provides outstanding academic training for prospective PhD students and for those seeking a Masters-level qualification.

The programme is also closely linked to the University of Bristol Cabot Institute, which brings together multidisciplinary research into all aspects of global environmental change.

To find out more about the MSc programme, please visit our course page.


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