Bristol Encounters II

Written by Sriram Natarajan Introducing the second of a four-part series entitled Bristol Encounters, written by Sriram Natarajan. For the editor’s preface, please read Bristol Encounters I.    Stapleton Road A whole universe away from the river’s edge is Stapleton road, stitched into the fabric of Bristol like a shred in a patchwork quilt. ItContinue reading “Bristol Encounters II”

Reclamation: the process, approaches & effects within urban areas

By Matt Mauler This post introduces the notion of reclamation before outlining three approaches to its practice in contemporary urban environments.  Although widely perceived as a positive process which addresses inadequately used or derelict urban space, I offer insights into some of the negative effects associated with reclamation. I conclude by stating why reclamation warrantsContinue reading “Reclamation: the process, approaches & effects within urban areas”