Mapping Parasitic Motion: A ‘Zoegraphy’ of Schistosomiasis

By Emily Jane Godwin As my dissertation attends to the prevalence of ‘schistosomiasis’ in Senegal and the multispecies encounters it bestows, this blog post will help outline its methodological approach by unpacking the term ‘zoegraphy’ – a posthumanist take on the notion of biography that negates the custom of a human body or self atContinue reading “Mapping Parasitic Motion: A ‘Zoegraphy’ of Schistosomiasis”

Creative Agency and Film Processes

by Fraser Beattie – After undertaking a project investigating how cinema and the cinematic environment can trigger certain pre-cognitive responses within an audience, I wanted to push further to investigate what control creators of film have over this process. Do they aim to create these affects or do they emerge from the final product?Continue reading “Creative Agency and Film Processes”

Our graduates go on to great things…congratulations Dr. Williams!

The lovely Dr. Nina Williams, graduate (’13) of the MSc Society and Space program, at her PhD (UBristol ’17) graduation this week. She is now employed as a #postdoc, and will be teaching full-time in the department for a year. AND…she will be teaching MSc students on the affect, biopolitics, and technology unit too! She hasContinue reading “Our graduates go on to great things…congratulations Dr. Williams!”