Reframing ecological thinking; Felix Guattari, subjectivity and film

by Theo Parker This short article introduces the ecological thought of Felix Guattari. I suggest that Guattari’s holistic delineation of three interconnected ecologies is a productive place to begin in thinking about contemporary ecological issues. Following on from this, and away from traditional environmental discourse and politics, I argue that aesthetic encounters with film holdContinue reading “Reframing ecological thinking; Felix Guattari, subjectivity and film”

The image of thought: The audiovisual encounter with Mullholland Drive

By George Burdon Cinema, thought of as an audiovisual encounter, can be capable of changing the way we think about our relationship with the world. More than simply functioning on a representational level to inform us about something (for example as documentaries would do), audiovisual encounters are capable of rupturing our habitual ways of sensingContinue reading “The image of thought: The audiovisual encounter with Mullholland Drive”

‘Disruptive Muzak’: Experimental music as Interruption

By George Burdon Whilst studying for the ‘Affect, Technology & Biopolitics’ course of the MSc Society & Space programme, I was struck with how readily some of its themes could relate to my interest in music. Theorists such as Jane Bennett, Gilles Deleuze and Gilbert Simondon provide angles for studying how bodies and subjectivities emergeContinue reading “‘Disruptive Muzak’: Experimental music as Interruption”