‘(Counter)topographical’ Reflections with Grief

by CIW Life is populated by landscapes including those of fear (Tuan, 1980), loss (Hockey et. al., 2001), and mourning. As of the 9th January 2021, 1,906,606 people have died from COVID-19 worldwide (WHO, 2021). These deaths intensify the mark of a dark smudged thumbprint violently pressed against our foreheads1. This is the reality toContinue reading “‘(Counter)topographical’ Reflections with Grief”

Guest blog: Findings from COP23

by Karijn van den Berg Karijn am a PhD candidate in International Politics and Human Geography supervised by Milja Kurki (at Aberystwyth University) and Naomi Millner (at the University of Bristol), who directs the MSc in Society and Space. Karijn’s project explores the emerging ‘personalization’ of environmental action in relation to politics of inclusion. HerContinue reading “Guest blog: Findings from COP23”

Bristol Encounters II

Written by Sriram Natarajan Introducing the second of a four-part series entitled Bristol Encounters, written by Sriram Natarajan. For the editor’s preface, please read Bristol Encounters I.    Stapleton Road A whole universe away from the river’s edge is Stapleton road, stitched into the fabric of Bristol like a shred in a patchwork quilt. ItContinue reading “Bristol Encounters II”