A Hug in the Mist: ‘belief’, spirits and anti-mining struggles

By Scarlet Hall This blog post is a response to an exchange between people from Colombia and the UK who are seeking to challenge open-cast coal mining corporations. This exchange took place in County Durham and Newcastle on October 13-14th October. Scarlet was heavily involved in the Campaign to Protect Pont Valley for the firstContinue reading “A Hug in the Mist: ‘belief’, spirits and anti-mining struggles”

The Politics of Absence

By Alex Joseph In much of modern Western philosophy concerned with theories of affect , there is a focus on the power of matter; the capacity of matter to affect and be affected, situated in a malaise of chaotic interactions that are constantly becoming and re-becoming, bringing phenomena to life. Theories of affect are inContinue reading “The Politics of Absence”

The habit of the commute

By Jonathan Davies For the employed city dweller, the daily commute is probably the most significant encounter with the wider urban environment. The commuter must negotiate temporal, spatial and social constructs whilst moving between home and work. Despite these engagements, this regular process soon becomes a mundane routine. The route and time to work becomesContinue reading “The habit of the commute”