Plants as Teachers, Researching with Plants: an Experiment in Method

By Stanley Connell-Longman My research stems from a curiosity about what can happen when theoretically engaged scholarship encounters the possibility of plant teaching. My understanding of plant teaching stems from my learning with Nathaniel Hughes, a practitioner and teacher who has developed a School of Intuitive Herbalism, based in the Stroud valleys. Intuitive Herbalism isContinue reading “Plants as Teachers, Researching with Plants: an Experiment in Method”

Avalon: A more-than-human place realised

By Katy Robbins This blog post is about how a small town in Somerset, England maintains a connection with local wildlife and landscape and whether through this knowledge and understanding there is the potential to heal the rift between humans and the natural world. Image: View from Glastonbury Tor (photo author’s own). Upon taking aContinue reading “Avalon: A more-than-human place realised”

when things disappear: sliding base lines and vanishing worlds

By Flo Lines This article responds to the problems with adequately perceiving environmental change and biodiversity loss, specifically focusing on the reported declines of global insect populations. This post posits reflection on why we might fail to notice absence and the consequences this might have for ecological futures. An excerpt from a conversation between Anna Tsing andContinue reading “when things disappear: sliding base lines and vanishing worlds”