‘Pulling on the Chancellor’s Robes’. Reflections on the Strike and its Attendant Politics

The following is a reflection on an artefact of political discourse (and more) that formed one action among many during the recent strikes against pension cuts (and more). It is partial and subjective and I hope it will become one vignette among many in the rich tapestry made possible by the extra-ordinary and politicised spaceContinue reading “‘Pulling on the Chancellor’s Robes’. Reflections on the Strike and its Attendant Politics”

The Brave New World of Post-War Politics

Brexit may appear to shake the foundations of our political order, but history tells us that the system will endure. Guy Davies writes As a nation, we are undoubtedly aware that Brexit poses a significant break from recent history. Its advocates have cast the referendum result as a protest vote against the shortcomings of ourContinue reading “The Brave New World of Post-War Politics”

On Intimate Economies, Immigration Detention, and Silencing

By Deirdre Conlon The following guest blog is reposted with the author’s permission from the Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group site (http://www.gfgrg.org/). It recounts Deirdre’s research interests in the geographies of detention in the immigration system, with a focus on critical feminist perspectives on ‘intimacy’. Deirdre recounts aspects of a talk given at Exeter UniversityContinue reading “On Intimate Economies, Immigration Detention, and Silencing”