The Slow Food movement in the Time of Matteo Salvini

By Emanuele Amo The following wants to be a provocative reflection on the Slow Food movement’s activism within the current day Italian society. The last parliamentary election saw an incredible success of the populist and anti-European political forces and nowadays the Italian Interior Minister is Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega, one of theContinue reading “The Slow Food movement in the Time of Matteo Salvini”

The Politics of Absence

By Alex Joseph In much of modern Western philosophy concerned with theories of affect , there is a focus on the power of matter; the capacity of matter to affect and be affected, situated in a malaise of chaotic interactions that are constantly becoming and re-becoming, bringing phenomena to life. Theories of affect are inContinue reading “The Politics of Absence”

Visibility and Violence: seeing the Syrian civil war

By Ellen Cheetham This short piece focuses on themes I am raising in a current research project around photography emerging from the Syrian civil war, mobilising a visual analysis to address not only how certain events are made ‘newsworthy’ in international media circuits, but which bodies and lives are reflected in such images as grievable.Continue reading “Visibility and Violence: seeing the Syrian civil war”