‘Mind over matter?’: a historical excursion into the multitude of meanings of ‘placebo’

By Jessy Shallcross The focus of my dissertation is Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).  From a critical neuro-geographical perspective, it examines recent cognitive neuroscience research on MDD. It utilises discourse analysis to explore the experimental methodologies mobilised in this research and asks what kind of depressed subject is presumed, and how this subject is subsequently imagined.Continue reading “‘Mind over matter?’: a historical excursion into the multitude of meanings of ‘placebo’”

On Intimate Economies, Immigration Detention, and Silencing

By Deirdre Conlon The following guest blog is reposted with the author’s permission from the Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group site (http://www.gfgrg.org/). It recounts Deirdre’s research interests in the geographies of detention in the immigration system, with a focus on critical feminist perspectives on ‘intimacy’. Deirdre recounts aspects of a talk given at Exeter UniversityContinue reading “On Intimate Economies, Immigration Detention, and Silencing”

Tracking, Tracing, Leakage: Data and the Gendered Subject

By Miriam Guastalla Not all women have periods, not all of those who have periods identify as women. And yet, the menstrual cycle has long been considered a principal indicator of sexual difference. With the increasing usage of smartphone apps designed to track menstruation, we might ask: how do these apps figure their menstruating users?Continue reading “Tracking, Tracing, Leakage: Data and the Gendered Subject”