Caring at mealtimes: a micro-revolutionary activity

By Matt Ensor This blog is an attempt to demonstrate how the current injustices present in the global food system can be addressed by re-centring the notion of care within the way we eat. The current food system is flawed not only from an environmental perspective but also through the implications it has on cultureContinue reading “Caring at mealtimes: a micro-revolutionary activity”

The Slow Food movement in the Time of Matteo Salvini

By Emanuele Amo The following wants to be a provocative reflection on the Slow Food movement’s activism within the current day Italian society. The last parliamentary election saw an incredible success of the populist and anti-European political forces and nowadays the Italian Interior Minister is Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega, one of theContinue reading “The Slow Food movement in the Time of Matteo Salvini”

How to ensure volunteers fill the holiday hunger gap

By Stephanie Denning Stephanie Denning is a former MSc Society and Space student and now a PhD student at the University of Bristol. In this post Stephanie shares about her doctoral research and its policy implications which examine how volunteers can be motivated by religious faith to volunteer, and how they persist in volunteering overContinue reading “How to ensure volunteers fill the holiday hunger gap”