Sounding the Anthropocene: a trip to Penarth, South Wales

By Austin Read   The notion of the Anthropocene and the relative failure of many conventional evidence-based Western epistemologies to address robustly the issues posed by anthropogenic climate change suggests the need for different stories and imaginations beyond conventional conceptual repertoires. In this post, I map out how a turn to experimental sound-based research methodologiesContinue reading “Sounding the Anthropocene: a trip to Penarth, South Wales”

A Dog’s Tale: A Reflection on Care, Migration and Writing

In case you’re interested, that story developed in a most dramatic fashion.   The following is a story about an experience. It tells of uncomfortable encounters and disturbing revelations. It tells of care, its abundance, the privilege thereof and its concomitant lack. It tells of human relationships and their modification through an array of prepositionsContinue reading “A Dog’s Tale: A Reflection on Care, Migration and Writing”

Bristol Encounters III

Outside the arched doorway of St. Marks, the Mayor’s chapel across from College Green, there sits a homeless man. He is large and wears glasses ‒ with an expression of poetic solemnity that only the homeless have, a grimace and abandon as the cold creeps up his knickers. He is too cool to ask forContinue reading “Bristol Encounters III”