Moving with thought: An ecological encounter with medieval poetry.

By Ollie Dawson How can encounters with art produce new knowledge? What is our responsibility as researchers to the encounter with art as the site of knowledge production? These questions were brought to the fore in my recent field work at Ledbury Poetry Festival, where I attended Fair Field, a five-part theatrical production based onContinue reading “Moving with thought: An ecological encounter with medieval poetry.”

Mapping Parasitic Motion: A ‘Zoegraphy’ of Schistosomiasis

By Emily Jane Godwin As my dissertation attends to the prevalence of ‘schistosomiasis’ in Senegal and the multispecies encounters it bestows, this blog post will help outline its methodological approach by unpacking the term ‘zoegraphy’ – a posthumanist take on the notion of biography that negates the custom of a human body or self atContinue reading “Mapping Parasitic Motion: A ‘Zoegraphy’ of Schistosomiasis”