Spending time inside liminal space

By Amy Hornsby Researching a world behind bars offering violent landscapes has been an incongruous summer research project, yet does prison space have to be this way? Are all this way? Do many of us really know or have given it a second thought? And most importantly, is carceral space really only behind bars? ThisContinue reading “Spending time inside liminal space”

when things disappear: sliding base lines and vanishing worlds

By Flo Lines This article responds to the problems with adequately perceiving environmental change and biodiversity loss, specifically focusing on the reported declines of global insect populations. This post posits reflection on why we might fail to notice absence and the consequences this might have for ecological futures. An excerpt from a conversation between Anna Tsing andContinue reading “when things disappear: sliding base lines and vanishing worlds”

The Brave New World of Post-War Politics

Brexit may appear to shake the foundations of our political order, but history tells us that the system will endure. Guy Davies writes As a nation, we are undoubtedly aware that Brexit poses a significant break from recent history. Its advocates have cast the referendum result as a protest vote against the shortcomings of ourContinue reading “The Brave New World of Post-War Politics”