Decolonising the human geography curriculum: two units for the MSc in Society and Space in 2017-18

The significant energies towards decolonising the curriculum in higher education are making themselves felt in ever more persistent and exciting ways at the University of Bristol. In the first instance, several reading and discussion groups focused on the coloniality of our university curriculum  have sprung up amongst student and academic groups. One, run by UniversityContinue reading “Decolonising the human geography curriculum: two units for the MSc in Society and Space in 2017-18”

Brexit… Trump… What would Spinoza do?

By Harry Bregazzi The MSc Society and Space programme has a strong emphasis on philosophy, which students apply to their analyses and understandings of society and the world. One philosopher who has remained particularly influential for me is Benedict de Spinoza. The following is a reflection, through the framework of Spinoza’s Ethics, on the politicalContinue reading “Brexit… Trump… What would Spinoza do?”

Wukan: Landlessness, Development and Violence in China

By Sam Berlin Violence and civil disturbance seem to be becoming the new normal in China. The downward revision of economic growth rates, protests in Hong Kong, the Tianjin explosions and the recent stock market crash have raised questions about the sustainability of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) rule. However, though instability and even conflict seemContinue reading “Wukan: Landlessness, Development and Violence in China”