Sinking Islands and the Loss of Origin in the Anthropocene

By Warefta Murshed In this blog, I attempt to weave together some of the conceptual themes I’m exploring in my dissertation by examining the challenges that the island nation of Kiribati faces at the forefront of climate change. Climate change is perhaps the most visceral manifestation of the Anthropocene, confronting Kiribati with the very realityContinue reading “Sinking Islands and the Loss of Origin in the Anthropocene”

Using satellite data to investigate land cover change

By Kilian Mayer Medium resolution satellite images give us the chances to see how humans reshape the world. The publicly available dataset CCI-LC (Climate Change Initiative Land Cover), based on satellite images of the European Space Agency, offers a detailed look on our planet’s surface and how it has changed from 1992 to 2015. TheContinue reading “Using satellite data to investigate land cover change”

Geographies of Fashion and Style: A Symposium.

You are warmly invited to a symposium help in the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol exploring the creative and contested geographies of fashion and style. Research on fashion within geography has importantly problematized the labour geographies and post-colonial politics of the contemporary garment industry. More recently, geographers have begun to recogniseContinue reading “Geographies of Fashion and Style: A Symposium.”