‘(Counter)topographical’ Reflections with Grief

by CIW Life is populated by landscapes including those of fear (Tuan, 1980), loss (Hockey et. al., 2001), and mourning. As of the 9th January 2021, 1,906,606 people have died from COVID-19 worldwide (WHO, 2021). These deaths intensify the mark of a dark smudged thumbprint violently pressed against our foreheads1. This is the reality toContinue reading “‘(Counter)topographical’ Reflections with Grief”

Spending time inside liminal space

By Amy Hornsby Researching a world behind bars offering violent landscapes has been an incongruous summer research project, yet does prison space have to be this way? Are all this way? Do many of us really know or have given it a second thought? And most importantly, is carceral space really only behind bars? ThisContinue reading “Spending time inside liminal space”

‘Pulling on the Chancellor’s Robes’. Reflections on the Strike and its Attendant Politics

The following is a reflection on an artefact of political discourse (and more) that formed one action among many during the recent strikes against pension cuts (and more). It is partial and subjective and I hope it will become one vignette among many in the rich tapestry made possible by the extra-ordinary and politicised spaceContinue reading “‘Pulling on the Chancellor’s Robes’. Reflections on the Strike and its Attendant Politics”