Absence and the Geological Feeling of Imaginary Lives: The Cookie Factory

By Mark Jackson, Senior Lecturer in Postcolonial Geographies The Welsh literary critic and social theorist, Raymond Williams, coined, in 1954, what has since become an extremely influential idea and phrase. Later developed in a widely read, short essay written in 1977, the term ‘structures of feeling’ refers to the experience of how different ways of thinkingContinue reading “Absence and the Geological Feeling of Imaginary Lives: The Cookie Factory”

Sharing the World – Workshop with Luce Irigaray

By Harry Bregazzi In October 2014, the University of Bristol hosted a one day workshop with philosopher and psychoanalyst Luce Irigaray. The workshop was titled ‘Sharing the World’, after Irigaray’s (2008) book of the same name. The event focused on exploring the ethical and practical issues surrounding the sharing of a world that is definedContinue reading “Sharing the World – Workshop with Luce Irigaray”