A Dog’s Tale: A Reflection on Care, Migration and Writing

In case you’re interested, that story developed in a most dramatic fashion.   The following is a story about an experience. It tells of uncomfortable encounters and disturbing revelations. It tells of care, its abundance, the privilege thereof and its concomitant lack. It tells of human relationships and their modification through an array of prepositionsContinue reading “A Dog’s Tale: A Reflection on Care, Migration and Writing”

On Intimate Economies, Immigration Detention, and Silencing

By Deirdre Conlon The following guest blog is reposted with the author’s permission from the Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group site (http://www.gfgrg.org/). It recounts Deirdre’s research interests in the geographies of detention in the immigration system, with a focus on critical feminist perspectives on ‘intimacy’. Deirdre recounts aspects of a talk given at Exeter UniversityContinue reading “On Intimate Economies, Immigration Detention, and Silencing”