The Brave New World of Post-War Politics

Brexit may appear to shake the foundations of our political order, but history tells us that the system will endure. Guy Davies writes As a nation, we are undoubtedly aware that Brexit poses a significant break from recent history. Its advocates have cast the referendum result as a protest vote against the shortcomings of ourContinue reading “The Brave New World of Post-War Politics”

“A Bigger Eye for Life”: Interview with Russell Sandbach.

Russell Sandbach sailed around the world in twelve months from 2011-2012. Here he talks about his trip to Ellen Cheetham. Ellen Cheetham: How would you summarise your trip? Russell Sandbach: I took part in an around the world yacht race for amateur sailors. Lots of different people took part in it for lots of differentContinue reading ““A Bigger Eye for Life”: Interview with Russell Sandbach.”

How to ensure volunteers fill the holiday hunger gap

By Stephanie Denning Stephanie Denning is a former MSc Society and Space student and now a PhD student at the University of Bristol. In this post Stephanie shares about her doctoral research and its policy implications which examine how volunteers can be motivated by religious faith to volunteer, and how they persist in volunteering overContinue reading “How to ensure volunteers fill the holiday hunger gap”