Research impact: participating in and understanding religious change

By Stephanie Denning What does it mean to change the world?  As humans we are constantly changing the world – we build houses and create towns and cities out of countryside, we drive cars that pollute the atmosphere, and bend nature to our will – or at least try to.  To varying degrees geographers areContinue reading “Research impact: participating in and understanding religious change”

Events – December 2015

  It’s December! Here’s a couple of events around Bristol this month that have a Society-and-Space-ish leaning (or are appropriately festive for this time of year!).   Nightwatchers – Designing for the Tower of London. Watershed. December 4th 1pm.  A lunchtime talk by the creators of the nocturnal interactive experience Nightwatchers. This deals with issuesContinue reading “Events – December 2015”

Screens – Waking a presence in Bristol’s concrete underbelly

By Jethro Brice Screens, by artist Dani Landau, is a pop-up installation which recently featured in a contested public space in Bristol. The work explores themes of urban renewal through the affective, material dimensions of processes of construction and deconstruction. The installation mobilises tensions between the virtual and the actual, and speaks to an interestContinue reading “Screens – Waking a presence in Bristol’s concrete underbelly”