‘(Counter)topographical’ Reflections with Grief

by CIW Life is populated by landscapes including those of fear (Tuan, 1980), loss (Hockey et. al., 2001), and mourning. As of the 9th January 2021, 1,906,606 people have died from COVID-19 worldwide (WHO, 2021). These deaths intensify the mark of a dark smudged thumbprint violently pressed against our foreheads1. This is the reality toContinue reading “‘(Counter)topographical’ Reflections with Grief”

Audio-visual Countertopograpies of ‘Another’ Lockdown – A Collaborative Assessment

by Emilia Hermelin Introduction: A Change in Rhythm   “[Foss] Well, the lockdown was absolutely transformative. It was as though time itself…stood still. Life suddenly suspended in amber. Birds frozen in place in midair.  The planet quite literally stopped revolving.  [Nerrick] It was so quiet. You could actually hear yourself thinking…”             (Death to 2020,Continue reading “Audio-visual Countertopograpies of ‘Another’ Lockdown – A Collaborative Assessment”