Former student Flo Lines launches new podcast

Former MSc student Flo Llines tells us about the new podcast, Tales in the Anthropocene,that she has recently launched. This podcast is the culmination of a masters year spent thinking and reading about people in a time some call “the Anthropocene”. “Anthropo” refers to us, humans, and cene meaning “new”. The Anthropocene indicates the indelible mark that humansContinue reading “Former student Flo Lines launches new podcast”

Traveling to Utopia with YHCHI

By Jake Sell Hicks Pending publication in PURE TRAUMA, part of the DEEP TISSUE zine series. Published here with permission. Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’ piece “Traveling to Utopia: With a Brief History of the Technology” proposes that technology’s progression ironically functions as an invasion, using metaphors of immigration and nationality to propel their questioning ofContinue reading “Traveling to Utopia with YHCHI”

Bees: An Opportunity for Recognising Abstractions and Hearing the Non-Human

By Robert Marns Image: “Experimental visualisation of floral electric field using electrostatic dusting” (Clarke and Roberts, 2017) What silliness to judge insects – so ancient, so diverse, so accomplishes, so successful, so beautiful, so astonishing, so mysterious, so unknown – by criteria they can never meet and about which they could not care! What sillinessContinue reading “Bees: An Opportunity for Recognising Abstractions and Hearing the Non-Human”