The Bristol Society and Space blog runs alongside and in conjunction with the Society and Space MSc Course, which is the principle Human Geography research training Master’s course within the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol.

Contributors to this blog all have a direct link to the MSc programme, being current and past students, or lecturers who contribute to the teaching and coordination of the programme. This webspace has been established to foster and strengthen links within the Society and Space programme, as well as offering a platform for sharing work with others beyond the MSc.

Blog pieces on this site set out to map the journey of the MSc programme by debating key themes, explicating key theorists and theories, and critically considering ‘hot topics’ within Human Geography and the Social Sciences more broadly. The blog consequently aims to provide a rich environment for contributors to develop a lively conversation in relation to their course of study, their current personal academic interests, and their research experiences. Due to the rich spectrum of individuals who enrol in the MSc course, and in turn, the dynamic nature of Human Geography as a discipline, the reader can expect to encounter an exciting diversity of topics.

In addition to illustrating the intellectual content of the MSc, the blog will also detail the personal experience – as a full time, part time and mature student – of embarking upon and undertaking a Master’s programme that is world-leading in its field. Please click on the ‘contact’ pages if you would like to learn more.

NB: Although this is an academic blog, we hope this space will be utilised for experimenting with alternative styles of academic presentation including fiction, poetry, auto-ethnography, creative writing, audio and visual presentation. We hope, in our writing, to model alternative and creative forms of presentation and thus, to contribute to wider debates around critical thought within the Social Sciences and academia today.


The Editors

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