Former student Flo Lines launches new podcast

Former MSc student Flo Llines tells us about the new podcast, Tales in the Anthropocene,that she has recently launched.

This podcast is the culmination of a masters year spent thinking and reading about people in a time some call “the Anthropocene”. “Anthropo” refers to us, humans, and cene meaning “new”. The Anthropocene indicates the indelible mark that humans have made on the planet, ushering in a new geological era. As a word that reflects our increasingly troubled relations with the non-human world, I have taken this idea as an important provocation, as a punctum, or a tipping point.

As a generative and ongoing project, the podcast has grown from a desire to learn, with a broader aim to continue interesting conversations outside of the university and into those in-between spaces of daily life. Each episode in the series explores a particular story from a person I have found to be inspiring, and all episodes are accompanied by a reading list, as a means to become more familiar with themes covered across the podcast. These stories cover vast terrain, but remain connected through an interest in what it means to be human right now; what are the risks, what are the possibilities?

To hear the podcase, follow the website link:

Or, click on these Mixcloud audio links:

Ep 1:

Ep 2:

Ep 3:

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