Is Instagram a simulation of reality?

By Claudia Carter The focus of this piece is to examine and investigate how Jean Baudrillard’s work help us reimagine/rethink the world around us? Baudrillard’s theoretical orientations act to question reality and his concepts suggest that there is nothing, only illusions. He uses Disneyland as his example when discuss simulation because the fantasy it createsContinue reading “Is Instagram a simulation of reality?”

The habit of the commute

By Jonathan Davies For the employed city dweller, the daily commute is probably the most significant encounter with the wider urban environment. The commuter must negotiate temporal, spatial and social constructs whilst moving between home and work. Despite these engagements, this regular process soon becomes a mundane routine. The route and time to work becomesContinue reading “The habit of the commute”

Visibility and Violence: seeing the Syrian civil war

By Ellen Cheetham This short piece focuses on themes I am raising in a current research project around photography emerging from the Syrian civil war, mobilising a visual analysis to address not only how certain events are made ‘newsworthy’ in international media circuits, but which bodies and lives are reflected in such images as grievable.Continue reading “Visibility and Violence: seeing the Syrian civil war”