On Intimate Economies, Immigration Detention, and Silencing

By Deirdre Conlon The following guest blog is reposted with the author’s permission from the Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group site (http://www.gfgrg.org/). It recounts Deirdre’s research interests in the geographies of detention in the immigration system, with a focus on critical feminist perspectives on ‘intimacy’. Deirdre recounts aspects of a talk given at Exeter UniversityContinue reading “On Intimate Economies, Immigration Detention, and Silencing”

Virtual on Actual: Augmented reality and contemporary worlds

By Jonathan Davies Augmented reality (AR) is nothing new. From Frank Baum’s 1901 illustrated novel The Master Key to the head-up display of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 Terminator the concept of superimposing the virtual on to the real has sinuated into popular culture. After failed attempts at reaching the mass market, AR was thrown back intoContinue reading “Virtual on Actual: Augmented reality and contemporary worlds”

“A Bigger Eye for Life”: Interview with Russell Sandbach.

Russell Sandbach sailed around the world in twelve months from 2011-2012. Here he talks about his trip to Ellen Cheetham. Ellen Cheetham: How would you summarise your trip? Russell Sandbach: I took part in an around the world yacht race for amateur sailors. Lots of different people took part in it for lots of differentContinue reading ““A Bigger Eye for Life”: Interview with Russell Sandbach.”