Geographies of Fashion and Style: A Symposium.

You are warmly invited to a symposium help in the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol exploring the creative and contested geographies of fashion and style. Research on fashion within geography has importantly problematized the labour geographies and post-colonial politics of the contemporary garment industry. More recently, geographers have begun to recogniseContinue reading “Geographies of Fashion and Style: A Symposium.”

George Monbiot’s appeal to community: Why we shouldn’t despair.

By Ellen Cheetham A few weeks ago, I went to a truly inspiring talk given by the journalist and political activist George Monbiot. Simply, he informed us, we should not despair. That in a problematic current political and environmental climate, he has hope, and so should we. We live, certainly, in a troubling world: post-BrexitContinue reading “George Monbiot’s appeal to community: Why we shouldn’t despair.”