Autumn 2017: What’s On?

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Welcome to what we hope will be a continuing narrative of wonder, ideas that intrigue, and a collection of creativity. Our names are Stan, Bob, and Ellen and we are the new editors of the Society and Space blog. We have a multitude of exciting articles, reviews, and interviews planned for the coming months. For now, we have compiled a series of what we hope you agree are compelling local events that should be of interest both to the budding scholar and the life enthusiast, opening up some potentially unknown spaces for you to engage with in the city of Bristol.

27th September – 24th December: Grason Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever. Arnolfini, 11:00 – 18:00 Free Entry. Grason Perry comes to Bristol! Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! tackles one of the artist’s primary concerns: how contemporary art can best address a diverse cross section of society. In the exhibition, Perry continues to explore many of the themes and concerns that recur in his practice, drawing from his own childhood and life as a transvestite, as well as wider social issues and his abiding interest in his audience. The works in the exhibition examine masculinity, class, politics, sex, religion, popularity and art, as well as contemporary issues such as Brexit and ‘Divided Britain’.

6th October – 12th November: Afrika Eye Film Festival 2017A celebration of African cinema and culture in Bristol with a programme of films, discussions, and live music.

17th October: Molly Crabapple: The Art of Revolution and Protest. Wills Memorial Building, 18:15. The artist and journalist Molly Crabapple comes to Wills Memorial to talk about “the role of contemporary art as weapon of protest and revolution.” Crabapple has worked with some of the most war-torn regions of the world, including Guantanamo Bay, Syria, and the West Bank. Registration necessary.

18th – 20th October. Festival of the Future City / Festival of Ideas. The Festival asks: How do we make the cities that we really want to live in?  The future of cities is fraught with challenges, but full of possibility. The second Festival of the Future City takes place 18-20 October 2017. Set over three days the festival – which aims to be the largest public debate about the future of cities – brings together politicians, writers, artists, scientists, change-makers, academics, journalists, students, the public, economists, futurists, policy makers, roboticists, philosophers, filmmakers, think tanks, charities, social enterprises, city-builders and more. For anyone interested in exploring the key issues for the future of our cities: how we can solve growing inequality and segregation; build healthy cities and places; foster sustainable cities; and explore a future of devolved powers?

21st October: Royate Hill Community Orchard Apple Press Day. Royate Hill Community Orchard: 11:00 – 18:00. Come down to Royate Hill Community Orchard, a hidden oasis of fruit, permaculture, community and tranquility in Easton, Bristol for the seasonal apple pressing day. A chance to learn how to press apples, which have been grown in the orchard and gleaned from elsewhere (where they would have otherwise gone to waste!) and make delicious apple juice, drink mulled cider, make new friends and find out about community gardening in Bristol.  

21st October: Sonic Hide & Seek. Brunswick Building, evening. Workshop with sound artists Shirley Pegna and Melanie Clifford. Enhanced listening and sonic relocation using creative microphoning and playback techniques at Brunswick Club building.

24th October – 28th October: People, Places, Things. Bristol Old Vic. A Headlong, National Theatre, HOME and Exeter Northcott co-production. Emma was having the time of her life. Now she’s in rehab. Her first step is to admit that she has a problem. But the problem isn’t with Emma, it’s with everything else. She needs to tell the truth. But she’s smart enough to know that there’s no such thing. When intoxication feels like the only way to survive the modern world, how can she ever sober up? Following a critically acclaimed, sold out season at the National Theatre and transfer to Wyndham’s Theatre, People, Places & Things comes to Bristol as part of a UK-wide tour.

27th October: Physicality and the moving image. The Brunswick Club, 20:00. Installations, performances and screenings taking over two floors of the Brunswick Club: think “saturated colour, sensor mutilation, and seminal film flicker”

27th October: Protest, Critical Mass. College Green, 18:00. Critical Mass is a monthly bicycle ride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists’ right to the road, happening on the last Friday of every month in most major cities in Europe and America. Here in Bristol we meet at 6.00pm at the corner of College Green near the hotel and statue, leaving at 6.30pm, on a route determined as we pedal. We take a leisurely ride, allowing us to make our point and communicate effectively with other road users and authorities. By reclaiming public street space from their typical domination by private cars that pollute the air and endanger people, we hope to raise awareness for examples such as the benefits of cycling and the need for better public transport.

30th October: Walking on the White side of the Street. Matt Jacob, Room 2D1, Priory Road Complex University of Bristol BS8 1TU, 12:30 – 13:30. Exploration around the phenomenon of “whiteness” as something structuring social relations, white supremacy, and white privilege.

3rd November: Richard Gregory Memorial Lecture: Beau Lotto on The Science of Seeing Differently. Priory Road Complex, 18:00. Here Beau Lotto examines the idea that perception is the foundation of human experience, and explores the idea that we cannot always trust what we see.

3rd November: The ABC secrecy trial: 40 years on. Arnolflini. 19:00 – 21:00. The ABC trial of 1977 concerned three defendents: Crispin Aubrey, John Berry and Duncan Campbell, who were trialled in Tottenham Magistrates Court, having been charged with the communication of classified information under the Official Secrets Act of 1911. The panel discussion will involve ABC defendants to consider how this event has resonated over time. See: EVENTBRITE.

6th November: The Endless Winter 2, Bristol Planetarium, 19:30. Surf film night at Bristol’s iconic planetarium.

11th November: The Langan Band and The Odd Beats. The Old Market Assembly, 22.00. A rowdy night of Scottish and Turkish folk at The Old Market Assembly. Rooted in Celtic folk but with Balkan, Roma and Flamenco elements, The Langan Band is a dynamic, intimate and viceral live experience. The Odd Beats combine Turkish folk, Balkan dance beats, and Greek Rebetiko amongst other world music flavours. Their music is embellished with eastern percussion and powerful rhythms for an uplifting dance experience.

13th – 28th November: Dark Side of the Moon: The Fulldome Experience (Age 16+), The Planetarium, £15. An audio-visual extravaganza, inspired by the music of Pink Floyd, featuring the entire 1973, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ album in glorious 5.1 surround sound, with abstract projections on the full dome enveloping the entire audience. Settle in and enjoy the astounding experience with a drink from the bar .

15th November: The Truth about Migration. M Shed Princes Wharf Wapping Rd Bristol BS1 4RN, 18:00. A panel discussion around migration following Brexit, the impact it has on community relations and how certain people are considered as belonging to Bristol.

16th November: Silver Tounges Open Mic. Hydra Bookshop, 19:30. Donation entry. Hot drinks will be available. Silver tongues was established as an open mic night that particularly values voices that might be talked over elsewhere. For instance, we randomise the order of acts, so it’s not simply a matter of an obnoxious cis man who shouts louder than everyone else getting all the stage time. The Hydra safer spaces policy applies to this event. You can read it here:

17th November: Antony Dore: 10 years as editor of BBC world news. 19:00 – 20:00. Bristol Students Union. Antony Dore comes to the union to speak about his career as a senior editor of BBC world news. Ran by University of Bristol Journalism Society.

25th – 26th November: Intro to Funghi Cultiavtion and Identification Course. Feed Bristol, Frenchay Park Road. Starting out with an introduction to fungal biology, diversity and ecology, exploring how incredible and important these organisms are, the course will then explore several outdoor and indoor growing techniques, for a range of delicious edible fungi. Following on from the understanding gained in the first two days, the third day will focus on field identification skills. Introducing the main groups of fungi, how to tell them apart, where to find them, and most importantly how to do it safely! Cost varies depending on income. Booking : Booking enquiries:, Non-booking course enquiries:

26th November: Ballet Boyz, Theatre Royal, Bath, 19:30.

ALSO, CHECK OUT WEEKLY: Planetarium nights: Bristol planetarium, weekly. Get immersed in a night time tour of space:

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