A warm welcome to our new students!

Over the past week we’ve welcomed our new Society and Space cohort into the School of Geographical Sciences – an exciting mix of people from a wise range of backgrounds, including geography, sociology, English literature, maths, engineering, and architecture! Many of our new students have worked for some years since taking their undergraduate degrees inContinue reading “A warm welcome to our new students!”

From Bristol to NGO & Back to Academia: struggling with politics, society and space

By Ricardo Fuentealba Ricardo is a former MSc Society and Space student and is now a PhD Candidate at the University of Amsterdam. Originally from Chile, in this post he shares his experience during and after his Masters studies, and what drove him to pursue a PhD.   A commonplace nowadays is that we liveContinue reading “From Bristol to NGO & Back to Academia: struggling with politics, society and space”

Tracking, Tracing, Leakage: Data and the Gendered Subject

By Miriam Guastalla Not all women have periods, not all of those who have periods identify as women. And yet, the menstrual cycle has long been considered a principal indicator of sexual difference. With the increasing usage of smartphone apps designed to track menstruation, we might ask: how do these apps figure their menstruating users?Continue reading “Tracking, Tracing, Leakage: Data and the Gendered Subject”