7th Annual Bassett Lecture feat. Philip Goodchild on financial credit and faith

Globalisation, Credit, and Faith

Professor Philip Goodchild, University of Nottingham

Tuesday 16th May 2017 at 2:30PM in the Peel Lecture Theatre.


Faith in a wealthier future through greater co-operation and exchange has driven decades of globalisation in the form of increased movement of goods, services, capital, and people. Now that the future no longer appears quite so rosy, does this trigger a loss of faith? Moreover, if the financial and monetary systems consist in relations of credit and debt, does such a loss of faith threaten to undermine globalisation itself? This lecture will examine the changing political dynamics of our era through the lenses of credit and faith.

All Welcome!

Philip Goodchild is a Professor of Religion and Philosophy at the University of Nottingham, and the author of Theology of Money (2007), Capitalism and Religion: The Price of Piety (2002), and Deleuze and Guattari: An Introduction to the Politics of Desire (1996). His recent journal publications focus on credit, debt, and faith.


The Peel Lecture Theatre is located on the second floor of the School of Geographical Sciences on University Road, Bristol, BS8 1SS.

The Bassett Lecture:

The Bassett Lecture is held every year in honour of Dr. Keith Bassett, a critical geographer and long-time member of the School of Geographical Sciences. Though formally retired, Dr. Bassett continues to write, teach, and contribute to the intellectual life of the School and University. The lecture series recognises Keith’s work and contributions in the fields of social and geographical theory, critical geographies of political economy, urbanism, social movements and social justice, politics, and critical socio-legal studies.

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