Research Seminar: Maria Puig de la Bellacasa 27 April 2017

The School of Geographical Sciences is pleased to present an upcoming research seminar with Dr. Maria Puig de la Bellacasa (Leicester).

Image: @memoryscape1 (Matthew Allen)‏ 

Maria is the author of the new book, Matters of care. Speculative ethics in more than human worlds (U of Minnesota Press, 2017).

The title of Maria’s talk will be:

Re-animating soils: transforming human-soil affections across science, community and culture

Thursday, 27 April 2017

1600 – 1700 hrs.

School of Geographical Sciences

Seminar Room 2

Abstract: “In a sense we are unique moist packages of animated soil”. These are the alluring words of Francis D. Hole, a professor of soil science renowned for his efforts in propagating love for the soil and promoting understanding of its vital importance for humankind. In this paper I weave moments in scientific practices, community activisms and cultural manifestations in which soils are perceived as ‘coming alive’, revealing the life within them, even their spirit, altering the perception of soil as inert matter subjected to human use. Inviting to transformative human-soil affections, these human-soil relationalities emerge against a general atmosphere of anthropocenic alarm in which soils appear as yet another objectified natural resource, brought to exhaustion by a deadly productionist ethos. In contrast, when soils are enlivened, a sense of more than human interdependency is intensified, inviting to eco-poietic involvements and renewed ecological affinities, reanimating not only soils but also the humans who care for them.


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