Research Seminar: Sasha Engelmann 25 April 2017

The School of Geographical Sciences is pleased to present an upcoming research seminar with Dr. Sasha Englemann (Royal Holloway).

25 April 2017, 4.00 PM – 5.00 PM
Seminar Room 1, 
School of Geographical Sciences

Credit: Studio Saraceno, Tomás Saraceno.

“The Cosmological Aesthetics of Tomás Saraceno’s Atmospheric Experiments”


This lecture proposes ‘cosmological aesthetics’ as a critique of and contribution to geologic, geomorphic and geographical aesthetics. This is developed in the context of human geographers’ growing interest in the dark, imperceptible and unknown forces and fields of Earth and the cosmos. In developing a notion of cosmological aesthetics, the lecture draws conceptual support from the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and from Isabelle Stengers’ “ecologies of practice”. At the same time, the elaboration of cosmological aesthetics has emerged from a site-based creative ethnography of Studio Tomás Saraceno in Berlin carried out over the past three years.

By thinking with Saraceno’s art projects and elaborating in particular on the atmospheric experiments of the Aerocene, this talk articulates two core propositions of cosmological aesthetics: first, that aesthetic experience can create tangible, sensible relations with contexts that are far removed, or much wider than, the particular conditions in which we experiment. And second: such adventures in aesthetics emerge from practices bound together by the forces of obligation, attachment and crucially, imagination.


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