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FILM: Sustaining Community Forestry in the Maya Forest – a participatory co-production

San Andres, Peten, Guatemala; allspice grove, Maya agroforestry practiced by Maya forest gardener at his farm


Dr. Naomi Millner (School of Geographical Sciences), current Director of the MSc in Society and Space, recently returned from an extended research trip to Central America. She worked with community agro-ecologists and permaculturists in Chaipas, Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador. While there she made a 30 minute participatory film in Guatemala. The film, Sustaining Community Forestry in the Maya Forest, has just been published online. It follows a youth film-crew to document the experiences of living in communities that practice sustainably-managed forestry in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Guatemala.

The youth film team co-designed the film and interviewed members of their community to tell the story of community forestry, and uncover important threats to the future of their community livelihoods.