CFP RGS-IBG 2017 – Emerging Geographies of Peace

RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2017: Decolonizing Geographical Knowledges, London, 29th August to 1st September.

CFP: Emerging Geographies of Everyday Peace

Convernors: Ciara Merrick (University of Bristol) and Harry Bregazzi (University of Bristol)

Geography, as a discipline committed to engaging with practice, connections and unevenness across different sites, scales and bodies, is in a prime position for problematising, challenging and advancing a richer geographical approach to peace (Williams 2016). Recent geographical engagements have moved away from the historic conception of peace as the absence of war. Peace is no longer conceived as a simple end state, but actively mobilised as a fragile and contingent process interacting with violent or the less-than-violent (Darling 2014), and embedded in everyday relations and embodiments of prosaic negotiation and encounter ((Bregazzi and Jackson 2016; McConnell et al. 2014)). With this shift the theoretical and empirical spaces of peace have already altered, as has the doing of peace-based research. The session intends to reflect on these areas and speculate on future developments, while also capturing how researchers are conceptualising and approaching the subject.


We particularly welcome contributions that address the following themes:

  • Decolonising conflicting binary representations of traditional and historic peace narratives
  • Decolonising empirical engagement and space in post-conflict societies
  • Affective, atmospheric and more-than-human geographies of the less-than violent city
  • Materialising the multiple subject in post-conflict spaces


Session format: We propose 4-5 papers of around 15-20 minutes  (depending on submissions). Please send an abstract of 200/250 words to both Ciara Merrick ( and Harry Bregazzi ( by 6 February 2017.




Bregazzi, H. and Jackson, M. (2016). Agonism, Critical Political Geography, and the New Geographies of Peace. Progress in Human Geography. Prepublished September 25 2016. DOI: 10.1177/0309132516666687.

Darling, J. (2014). Welcome to Sheffield: The Less-than-Violent Geographies of Urban Assylum. In: F. McConnel, N. Megoran and P. Williams, eds. The Geographies of Peace. London: I.B. Tauris and Co Limited. 229-249.

McConnell, F., Megoran, N. and Williams, P. (2014) Introduction: Geographical Approaches to Peace. In: F. McConnel, N. Megoran and P. Williams, eds. The Geographies of Peace. London: I.B. Tauris and Co Limited. 1-28.

Williams, P. (2016). Understanding Geographies of Peace. Opinions [online] Available from:

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