“We value the many who make us, always, more than one.”

Academics, staff, and postgraduate students from the School of Geographical Sciences published a letter today (pictured) in The Times newspaper denouncing the recent divisive and xenophobic rhetoric of the government and the Conservative Party.

The text was signed by several current students on the MSc Society and Space, and many graduates, who are now studying for PhDs in the School.



Text of the published letter reads as follows:


Sir, The Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees of Ludlow, recently condemned the divisive comments on immigration by the prime minister and home secretary. Describing their rhetoric as “deplorable”, he said that “people will feel like they are not welcome and won’t come”. We echo his comments. The government’s position on immigration and the Brexit negotiations has already led to some of our staff leaving, potential students withdrawing their acceptance, and a reduced research capacity. Moreover, recent government rhetoric does not reflect the values we uphold. We are dismayed that Theresa May, a former geographer, appears to have forgotten her subject: geographical thinking highlights our responsibility to the complex forces that make life possible. We value the many who make us, always, more than one.

All our staff and students contribute, as international citizens, to our department’s local, national and global impacts. We will do everything we can to protect their work and contributions. We expect the government to make clear that their futures — and those of our colleagues across the UK — are under no threat.

Signed by the following members of the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol: Professor Paul Bates, Head, School of Geographical Sciences; Professor R Johnston, OBE, FBA; Professor C Sabel; Professor R Harris; Professor J Wadham; Professor T Payne; Professor A Anesio; Professor S Collard; Dr T Davies-Barnard; Dr M Patchett; Dr A Farnsworth; Dr S Greene; Professor K Jones, FBA; Dr J Hawkings; Dr G Coxon; Dr C Williams; Dr M Fairbrother; Dr F Sgouridis; E Harper; Dr N Quinn; Dr C Yates; L De Vito; M Trevers; M Keel; Dr F O’Loughlin; Dr T Moon; E Armstrong; J Bodart; R Burford; E Mackie; Dr P Hopcroft; G Owen; M A Cooper; T Morris; GJ L Tourte; Dr J MacLeavy; Dr D Manley; Dr P Sanchez-Baracaldo; Dr W Wang; Dr M Jackson; Dr S Arndt; Dr S Fox; N Chrismas; T Keating; C Midwood; Dr L Ridley; Dr A Tedstone; J Milsom; Dr D Owen; J Hargreaves; C Donnelly; Dr V Lee; N Lord; C Merrick; Dr R Smith; Dr R M De’ath; A Waterson; Dr J Wilson; N Williams; I Mejia-Estrada; Dr J-D Dewsbury; S Davies; G Burdon; S Berlin; E Eyles; Professor J Bamber; S Chuter; A Anderson; J Brice; M Marshall; O Wing; J Crosby; Dr K Michaelides; Dr J House; Dr F Bragg; D Hülse; Dr A Martin; Dr J Neal; Dr J MacLeavy; E Thomas; Professor P Valdes; Dr F Ginn; S Rogers; A Kennedy; Dr D Richards; Professor P Johnes; Professor D Lunt; D Hayes.

The letter has also been featured on Scientists4EU and, a longer version will be a part of the Cabot Institute blog.



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