The Minute Interventions of Candoco

By Conal Dougan One rewarding aspect of studying on the Society and Space course is seeing how the theories and philosophies we delve into in books and stuffy seminar rooms can come alive in the ‘real world’. This focus can be particularly sharp in Bristol, where everyday experiences invite reflection into everything from urban planningContinue reading “The Minute Interventions of Candoco”

Absence and the Geological Feeling of Imaginary Lives: The Cookie Factory

By Mark Jackson, Senior Lecturer in Postcolonial Geographies The Welsh literary critic and social theorist, Raymond Williams, coined, in 1954, what has since become an extremely influential idea and phrase. Later developed in a widely read, short essay written in 1977, the term ‘structures of feeling’ refers to the experience of how different ways of thinkingContinue reading “Absence and the Geological Feeling of Imaginary Lives: The Cookie Factory”

In Pursuit of Wildness: Maps, sounds and photos

As part of the Experimental methods module, a compulsory module on the Society and Space course, I explored how we could better understand wildness as an affective structure rather than an empirical object for investigation. It also sought to find new ways of telling through the process of journeying. By Emma Manion.