Events – February 2016

Here’s our selection of a few events coming up in February that relate to some of the themes explored on the blog as well as link to conversations that are happening contemporary human geography.



John Akomfrah: Vertigo Sea. Arnolfini. Open all of February.

A powerful video installation currently running at the Arnolfini gallery. Covering themes of violence, our relationship to the sea, slavery, ecological concerns, as well as the pressing contemporary debates around migration. Arguably, it also demonstrates the power of film to move us and affect us in a way that words cannot. Read more about the exhibition in this Guardian piece by Adrian Searle.

Find out more here.



Imagined Landscapes. Opens Saturday 6th February. Admission prices may apply (students go free!).

Sharing the RWA gallery space with two other exhibitions exploring ideas of place, Inquistive Eyes and Simon Quadrat’s solo exhbition, Imagined Landscapes showcases work about our relationship to landscapes and new imaginings of what place means. Many of the pieces featured experiment with various materials too, exploring the materiality of our world (earth, stones, feathers) alongside our ideas of what landscape is. Imagined Landscapes also features the some:when project by Society and Space alumni and artist Jethro Brice.

Find out more here.



‘The Cube Project: Pro-environmental behaviour change by design’ – Cabot Institute talk. Biomedical Building, E29. Wednesday 10th February, 3pm.

This talk by Dr Mike Page from the University of Hertfordshire covers ‘the Cube Project’ – an initiative that builds low carbon micro-homes. It will also discuss issues around our relation to the environment and our living habits, possibly raising some interesting questions about what we consider to be ‘home’ space. (Note: nothing to do with the Cube Microplex. That’s a different Cube Project).

Find out more here.



BBC 6 Music Festival 2016 & Fringe. Various venues around Bristol. Friday 12th February – Sunday 14th February.

Whether you managed to get tickets in those few minutes or not, there is still plenty going on all over Bristol as part of the Fringe. Lots of music and varied events to choose from – lots of free ones too!

Find out more about the Fringe here.



James Wheale: Musical Tastes. Watershed. Saturday 13th February, 2pm. Tickets are £4.

As part of the BBC 6 Music Fringe, the Watershed is hosting an afternoon combining food and music which asks how what you listen to could alter the way you taste certain foods. This event raises some really interesting questions about sensations, embodiment, and affect which are all hot topics in contemporary human geography. Also, you get to eat, listen to music, and you can go to the cinema afterwards. What a great Saturday. Booking is required! Act fast!

Find out more here.



Starling Murmurations. Various sites around Somerset. Various days in February.

A little further afield all around sites in Somerset, these spectacular displays of huge flocks of starlings moving as one are occurring this month. If you manage to catch a sight of them, maybe consider how this demonstrates an ideal politics, destabilizes the idea of the unified whole, and displays Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘rhizome’ in all its wonderful more-than-human glory. Or just watch them. The best places to find them are the Avalon Marshes and surrounding nature reserves such as Shapwick Heath. Call the Avalon Marshes Starling Hotline on 07866 554142 and listen to the answer message to find out where you might find them.

Find out more here.


Enjoy February!

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