Events – December 2015


It’s December! Here’s a couple of events around Bristol this month that have a Society-and-Space-ish leaning (or are appropriately festive for this time of year!).



Nightwatchers – Designing for the Tower of London. Watershed. December 4th 1pm. 

A lunchtime talk by the creators of the nocturnal interactive experience Nightwatchers. This deals with issues of surveillance and technology as well as how to enliven the experiences of past, present, and future.

Find out more here.


I am Making Art. Spike Island. December 5th 12pm – 4pm.

A hands on craft event led by Anna Marrow of Spike Print Studio. You can make Christmas gifts as well as exploring creative methodologies of making and practice! Great fun. Booking required.

Find out more here.



Hollow: An Artwork in the Making. Arnolfini. December 4th – December 6th.

A new artwork by Katie Paterson, commissioned by the University of Bristol, to be revealed in 2016. This weekend you’ll be able to find out more about this work and handle some of the samples of the tree species that are going to be part of it. An interesting look at the vitality of matter and non-human agency and you’ll probably learn something about trees.

Find out more about the talk Katie is giving about the artwork on the 3rd here and the weekend event here.


Tobacco Factory Christmas Markets. December 6th, December 13th and December 20th 10am – 3pm.

South Bristol Christmas fun every Sunday this December at the Tobacco Factory market. Buy some really good cheese, homemade gifts for yourself or other people, a new vintage coat to wear, and you should really buy the hummus from the Stokes Croft based company ‘Moist’. On December 6th the market will expand onto the road and there’ll be a Christmas tree sale.

Find out more here.

routeLandscaping Change III: Route. Arnolfini. December 10th 6.45pm – 9.30pm.

Connecting artists, writers, humanities scholars, and the community the Landscaping Change series explores the meaning of place, especially when the places we know change. This evening will focus on the routes we make as we traverse places and how we make connections between them.

Find out more here.

12239945_694043190731074_2449602886973850814_nInterZone Voices – Amplifying Migrant Voices at the Morocco/EU Border. Hydra Bookshop. December 10th 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

An evening of talks, music, and film focusing in on the events occurring along the Moroccan border. The aim of the night is to amplify the stories of the migrants and refugees in engaging ways to emphasise the personal importance of conflict.

Find out more here.

pictonPicton Street Christmas Fayre and Festival. December 12th, 11am onwards.

North Bristol festive fun with all you could ever want from a Christmas market in Montpelier including fairy lights and glitter. There’s even a nautical dress up theme! This one is endorsed by one of our editors in particular who notes that ‘they serve the mulled wine in pint cups… it’s lethal’. Do an ethnographic study! Consider how this spatial intervention interrupts our urban habits! Or just drink the mulled wine and eat a mince pie.

Find out more here.

wonderful_lifeaIt’s A Wonderful Life screening. Watershed. December 18th – 23rd, various screening times.

It’s Christmas time! Put down that new issue of cultural geographies for a minute and go look at James Stewart’s face.

Find out more here.


Have a happy festive time!

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